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Photography is an art just like a skilled artist, YouTuber, Instagrammer, or blogger. Believe me, if someone does something from the heart, no matter what, the whole world will value him at some point. Let us check how to sell photo online – 20 bet places to know about.

How To Sell Photo Online – 2020

If you see something creative all the time, wherever you are, in everything, and you capture it on camera as a hobby, you must be a photography lover from the heart. Anyone can come to this photography profession. All it takes is a smartphone with a good camera, and it is better if you have a DSLR camera. Statistics show that 48% of people in the world use smartphones, and assess to the internet.

But here’s a thing to talk about if you want to know how to sell photo online. Those who are successful in the photography profession accepted all these things. They are, respectively,

  1. Working on a particular niche,
  2. Building a good audience,
  3. Marketing their work in different ways,
  4. Gaining more knowledge and developing it through work.

With the proper guidance of an expert, it can be done in many more ways. These things will make you more efficient to sell your photos online. Not only this, but you can also make your photography business a reality by selling photos online. Making money online is not rocket science, all you need to know about stock photography web sites and some other online platforms.

How you can earn money online from photographs?

It is good to take a photo of a model or to do photography at a wedding or any other ceremony. And if that’s what you’re earning from it, it’s too good. But what if you are not confident in this work? Then selling photos online will help you. There are many websites that buy pictures online. Here are some of the most profitable websites to sell your photos online, which can turn your photos into your earnings.

20 Best Stock Photography Websites to Sell Photos Online and Earn Money For You.

Before we talk about stocks photography websites, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of them. See, the good things are that they will do anything to sell your photos. Where need to market your photos, to which audiences need to show your photos, they will do it all. Once you upload your photos to their site, you can rest assured. You just have to wait for your revenue to come to your account.

But it also has some minor drawbacks. Being online, those websites will ask you for different types of photos, according to the needs of their customers. These demands are in the millions. From there you need to upload photos according to your niche. No worries, you just have to keep up to date with their needs so you can meet them. Second, those websites maintain strict protocols on photographs, such as size, resolution, etc. You have to follow the protocol to upload the photos to their site. Then the work will be done. Let’s take a look at the websites.

Fotolia / Adobe stock

Adobe Stock Photo Uploading Area.

Fotolia is now Adobe Stock. This is a stock photography site where you can sell your photos and can be a contributor to this site. It is very easy to sell photos in Adobe stock. If you are over 18, and you own all the rights to your photos, then you can upload photos to this site. Their customers are looking for good and high quality content on all subjects including models, culture diversity, technology, fashion, food, portrait, lifestyle, architecture, beauty, business, and many more. You can upload photos on any of these topics that you like, or which are your niche, on this site.

It is very easy to join here. After clicking on Get Started you need to fill in your information like your mail id, name, password, date of birth in some places, after that click on the create account button. Your account will then be created in Adobe Stock and you will be able to upload your photos to this website.

How to create account on Adobe Stock?

Every time someone purchases your content, you get a 33% royalty for photos, from this site. And this royalty is transferred to you immediately. sounds good, isn’t it? The amount will be credited in your account directly, and for this, you have to set your account on this site. Millions of people use this site and earn a lot of revenue. So this site may be on your favorites list.


Sell your photo online in Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is an American supplier of stock photography. This company of Jhon Oringer was started in New York in the year of 2003. 1 billion pictures are downloaded from here. There are more than 1 million contributors to this site. There are over 300 million images in this site’s library, and that number is increasing by 2,00,000 every day. The company’s customers are spread across 150 countries, and the site is available in about 21 languages.

After entering the page scroll down the page and come to Our company option. Then click on the Sell content option.

How to join as a contributor in Shutterstock
How to join as contributor in Shutterstock?

Then you will be redirected to the page you see below. You need to click on the Get Started button. Then you will have to join the site by entering your name, email id, and password on the page that will open. Then you are ready to upload your photos and earn money from here.

Joining page of shutterstock.
Joining page of shutterstock.

If someone buys your picture from this site, 15% to 40% of the price of the picture will be credited to your account.

CanStock Photo

CanStock Photo Page
CanStock Photo Opening Page

Can Stock Photo is one of the largest and oldest “micro-stock” photography agencies in the world. This agency started in 2004. You can expect to receive a fair commission from this website and they start paying commissions from about 40% and up to 50% they paid for images. Then it can be called a good web site.

How can you start selling your images in CanStock Photo?

  • 1) Create an account: It’s easy, it’s free, you can click here to open your account.
  • 2) Complete an application: Fill out a simple application and submit 3 images. After that, the site will quickly review your images and will get back to you within a few hours or a day.
  • 3) Upload your photos: After completion of your application filling, you can upload your images on this website very easily. It takes roughly 1 or 2 minutes to upload.
  • 4) Earn a commission: Every time one of your images is downloaded you will earn a commission. Also, if you refer another photographer to this site, you will earn $5 USD for every 50 photos they sell.
CanSto Photo registering page.
CanStock Photo Registering Page.

This agency always retains ownership of your images on this website. And once you earn $50.00 USD, you can request PayPal cash-out, or $100.00 USD for a mailed check or Moneybookers transfer from this site. One more thing about CanStock Photo, when you upload your images on this site, automatically your images represented on the world’s largest stock photography agency Fotosearch. Which means your images will get maximum exposures and market potentials.


Stocksy Front Page
Sell Your Photo In Stocksy.

This is a good website for earning by selling photos. Although it is not a very large stock photography website, it is not one of the smallest websites. You can see that the photos of this site are of a high standard. This site offers commissions ranging from 50% to 75% to their contributors if they accept your photos. Contributors must remember, your images need to be exceptions and exclusive for this site.

Stocksy likes to take photos of professional photographers. So make sure you have all the tools you need to take high resolution and high-quality photos. To become a contributor here, you need to open an account on this site. Then you need to fill an application. The best part, after all, you need to upload 10 images on this site. When Stokesy approves your photos, they will send you a confirmation email. To create your account you can click here. By clicking you will be directed to some page like given below.

Stocksy Creator Log In Page.

Stocksy can give you the answer of your question , how to sell photo online?

iStock Photo

iStock Photo founded in 2000 and started selling photos online in 2001. iStock Photo is a microstock brunch of Getty Images. The best part of the iStock Photo is that It will never ask you for exclusive photos. You can upload photos on iStock Photo and at the same time, you can upload those photos on elsewhere. Before start selling your photo you first need to apply.

You just need to click on the Join button and fill some areas on an application page. Then you will be ready to contribute on iStock Photo and can start earning. iStock Photo offers 15% to the selling price to its contributor. This commission could be reached up to 45% depending upon the popularity of your image on this site. And if you serve as an exclusive image contributor in this site, then the royalty could be between 22%-45%. To be a contributor in iStock Photo you can click here.


Alamy Web Page.

This site is a brilliant macro stock photo website. Alamy is basically from England and started their journey in the year of 1999. Till the date, it contains 210 million stock images, vectors, videos. By doing some formalities you easily can become a contributor to this web site.

This website offers a lucrative commission to their contributors, which is about 50% for exclusive images and 40% for non-exclusive images. This is one of the reasons why this site has more than 210 million of content. Literally, this site pays over $1 million every month to its contributor. You could be one of them. To become a contributor to this site you can click here.


How to sell photo online in 2020 in Dreamstime Website?

Dreamstime is one of the valuable stock photography websites, started in 2000. There are 31000000 registered members and more than 600000 contributing photographers. So that this site contains more than 139000000 images. This site pays 25% royalties to everyone who is a contributor photographer to this site. And if your photo sold in a huge amount and if you join as an exclusive photographer then, that can go up to 45% and 49.5% respectively.

To be a contributor photographer to Dreamstime, you can click here. You need to create an account on Dreamstime website and upload your photo. There are some specifications regarding uploading the photos, you need to maintain. Like, 1GB maximum file size, JPEG/RGB files, Best quality compression, At least 3 Megapixels resolution, For illustrations: .ai, .eps, .cdr and .svg files. For photos: Camera RAW files, Quicktime MOV format preferred, Photo JPEG/MJPEG codec preferred. Once your photos are approved you will start earning royalties from this site.


How To Sell Photo Online With BigStock?

This BigStock site is just like other stock photography sites, but its some options that make it different from others. This option is profitable for the contributor photographer. The option is the credit system. See, what happens in other sit is, when the site sells your photo, customers purchase it at one time. But in Bigstock, customers gain credit points by which they can again purchase photos from this site. So, the royalty comes to the contributor photographers in two different ways. So if you make your mind sell photos online, this site could be your site of choice.

BigStock offers 30% royalty to you. But this percentage could be high at 38% if any one of your photos purchased by the customers more than 50k times.


500px website first page.
500px Website First Page.

This website, 500px, started in 2009, and now it has become one of the best stock photography sites and leading online network for photographers. There are millions of members from all over the world on this site. You can advertise your photography skills here and can promote your work to potential clients.

You can earn 30% as a non-exclusive contributing photographer and 60% as an exclusive contributing photographer. By licensing, you can sell your images through this site. By clicking here you will be directed to the contributor page of this website.

SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Website First Page.

This SmugMug is a more than15-year-old website. Many photo lovers buy photos from this site. More than a million photographers contribute here. But this site has a drawback. This site has no free options. You need to buy a Pro subscription and it starts at $12.50 per month. There are also some additional features such as the ability to create coupons, photo packages, and built-in analytics. You can sell your photo online here.

Although there is no free version on this site yet it is on the list of this post. The reason is the royalty offering percentage to their contributing photographers. It offers you up to 85% commission on the selling price of your photo. So how do they let you earn that much money? Here’s an example for that from their website: “If you sell a 5×7 for $10.79 and the SmugMug default price for it is $0.79. The markup is $10.00. You keep $8.50 as profit (85% of $10)”


PhotoShelter Website First Page.

This is a great option. This service provides a photography based e-commerce platform that integrates with your website. It is a very fantastic tool. If you have a photography website (if don’t have then click here, it might be helpful for you) and you want to sell your photo online through your website then you may use this PhotoShelter website as a tool.

This website includes cloud storage for your photos, a built-in shopping cart, a drag-and-drop website template, an intuitive interface, decent SEO (search engine optimization), and several social media integrations.

If you have trouble uploading your photos to a stock photography site or you don’t want to, Photoshelter can help you here. It will show your photos to their customers in a very good way, and yes competitor’s photos will not show up along with your photos.

I will talk about two things on this site. One good and one bad. The good one is, you can set your own prices here to your images. And the bad thing is, you have to subscribe here with $10 /month.


EyeEm Page.

It is a global stock photography community and a market place where you can sell your photo. They are connected with more than 20 million creators. This site allowing you to retain your own copyrights. And the royalty gave by this site pretty good. This is up to 50%, every time, which is high than many other websites, whenever someone buys your photo from here.

If you are looking for commercial work with your photography skills, then this site would be a great choice for you. You can sell your images on three different licenses under Social, Web, and Full. There is an option for you,i.c. EyeEm Magazine. You can join here to gain exposure to the industry and major clients. to join with this site you can click here.


Photocase website Image.

This is basically a German-based company and offers quality equal to other stock photography agencies at more affordable pricing. This site offers you a 20% commission which could be up to 50% as more people download your photos. This is an authentic website and you can explore more by visiting their site. To visit this site you can click here.


Photomoto website page.

This is not a stock photography online marketplace. Fotomoto is a widget that integrates with your website to help you sell photos online. When you add it to your site, this will work on selling your photos. Signing up and adding Photomoto to your sit will save your extra time to your basic work of capturing your images and after production curriculums.

As I said this is a widget, and the best part of it, this widget is customizable. You can change and adjust the setting as you want to brand your photo, to put the logo in your images. It will help you to establish your brand and more people will associate with your work.

If you are a hobbyist photographer, professional photographer, or post-production expert, Fotomoto has different great features that will work seamlessly with your existing WordPress site and give you an excellent workplace to be more engaged with your work. The basic subscription plan is free, but you’ll have to pay 22 percent in transaction fees. to know more about Fotomoto, you can click here.


Canva Login Page.

This is a platform where you can customize and design your images. Canva offers you an interface where you can make your images more attractive in a drag-and-drop manner to your customers. This is the most user-friendly graphic design editing platform. You can download a lot of photos from Canvas for free, but at the same time, they sell photos. Now you know how this website works, it also serves as a stock photography platform for photo selling.

However, Canva is very user friendly unlike other websites for its users. The photos that Canva will sell, Canva put their own watermark in those images. For those who want to buy pictures, Canva has a simple interface on their website. Customers need to drag and drop the picture, once the payment is made, the watermark will go up. Believe me, there are millions of clients who do not buy photos from stock photography agencies. Rather, they prefer to buy photos on canvas or websites like this. From here you can see how much potential this website has, from which you can earn money by selling photos.

To become a Canva contributor, you can click here.


CreStock Front Page Image.

Another good website for selling photos online is Crestock. There is nothing complicated to do here, you just need to create a free account. Then you upload your pictures here. Christok team members will review those photos, and if they approve your photos, then they will upload those photos to their photo gallery for their customers to sell.

Crestock basically offers you passive income through selling your photos. But to remember, this income is not less than many other stock photography sites. Always use descriptions to your images, so that Crestock team can manage your photos with customer needs and you get the approval soon. To sell your photo online on CreStock you can click here.


123RF Website’s Front Page.

First thing first, with 123rf you can have global exposure and can generate good revenue by selling your images. This site has more than 110 million creative works and growing, 90,000 daily content from 300,000 creative contributors and 12,000,000+ monthly active users. This company founded in 2005. Around the world, many photographers contributing to this site and earning a good amount of revenue from this site.

If you upload more and more photos to this site your earning could be raised from 30% to 60%. You can earn 30% by uploading 999 images and if you upload more than 1 million images you can increase your income by 60%. One more thing to talk about is that you could earn from this website as an affiliate. If you have your own website then this could be an extra earning source to you. This team has a mobile application that allows you to search and create lightboxes and their website contains many advanced technological tools such as reverse image search and a free online photo editor. 123RF is a great stock photography website and if you want to be a part of their contributor you can join this website.


Snapped4u Front Page.

I must say that snapped is the perfect choice for an event photographer. for an event photographer, like wedding, parties, ceremony, birthday, or any other else, They know Snap. If you are an event photographer, then Snapped4u is one of the best options to sell your photo online. It’s a simple and effective way to earn online by selling your images.

After an event shoot, you just need to make a gallery in Snapped4u and upload your photo. After that set your image prices, and that’s all. No need to deal with the customers about the printing, framing, or postages works, snapped4u will do the rest of the things for you.

If the images sold under $5 then you have to pay $00.50 cents to them as a fee, or if it is sold more than $5 then Snapped4u will charge only 10% on the cost price of your photo as a commission. to start selling photos on this website you can click here. It will take 5 minutes to create an account for you.


TourPhotos Front Page.

If you are a traveler and take a variety of pictures during your travels, this site will give you a satisfying place to sell your photos online. This site is a hub for tourists and travel photographers across the globe.

You can upload your travel photographs or photographs of your excursions & activities on this site. You just need to create an account on this site and upload your photos. This site gives a favorable amount of royalty on the selling of your images. You can click here to be a contributor or explore more on this website.

Create Your Website

By creating your own website you could sell your images. This will help you to sell you your photos without giving any fee to the third party. I could say this will be a great way to be your own boss in the field of selling your photo online. Because you could fix your image rate and can make it up and down depending upon your need and of customers. If you try, you can create a website for free. You can click here to learn more about how to do it for free.

You can click here to learn more about the best laptops for your post-processing work.


I hope that this post will help you to understand how to sell photo online in 2020. Please let me know which stock photography site you liked the most. If you have any suggestions regarding this topic, please write in the comment box. All the very best.

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